Healing Waters From Hebron to Gaza


World leaders are gathering in Paris striving for the first time in over 20 years of UN negotiations, to reach a universal agreement on climate change. The enormity and importance of this gathering underscores the importance of nation states and moreover, people, seeing one another and connecting with each other and the planet we all call home.

Without a doubt, courageous and creative leadership is needed globally, regionally and locally. Today, we are very pleased to introduce Kate Rothschild of EcoPeace – an organization dedicated to the promotion of cooperative efforts to protect our shared environmental heritage.

‎In her recent Blog post “Healing Waters from Hebron to Gaza“, Kate takes us on her recent journey – an environmental pilgrimage tracing the flow of polluted waters from the Hebron stream to the port of Gaza. ‎Through her thoughtful reflections and first hand experience, we feel the gravity of a situation where all- Arab and Jews alike suffer with water issues held hostage to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. At the same time, through appreciating our shared heritage and shared responsibility, Kate reveals that these very challenges may offer hope and the greatest opportunity for the world finding a pathway to peace.

Read the post at The Huffington Post.