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Our blog features contributions from partners in the movement for social connectedness as well as youth leaders committed to community building and international development.

What Happens When Climate Adaptation Meets Social Isolation?

In her latest piece for Medium, Kim Samuel examines the disproportionate effects of climate change on those facing social isolation, and the need for adaptation strategies to include these groups.

BDB Productions’ Judas Noir, Presented by Obsidian Theatre

Come out and support Toronto theatre by attending BDB Productions’ JUDAS NOIR, set to go up October 9th – 20th!

“Supporting the Whole Student” Workshop

On October 15th and 16th in Montreal, the Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness will host a workshop on “Supporting the Whole Student”. 

BBC Radio 4 Survey Reveals the Loneliest Age Group

A new survey conducted by the BBC has shown that young people, aged 16-24, are the loneliest age group, with 40% of respondents indicating that they feel lonely “often” or “very often”.

Hikikomori: Japan’s Name for a Global Crisis

Hikikomori appears to be a unique cultural phenomenon in Japan, by which individuals completely withdraw from society, but Kim reflects in her latest article on how this is perhaps not so unique.

Supporting Children Born of Rape from the Tutsi Genocide

By Ignace Nikwivuze, Social Connectedness Fellow
As the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide approaches, it is important to reflect on the many consequences and legacies of the Genocide, one of which was children born of rape.

The Use of Language – Passion or Problem

By Eden Beschen, Social Connectedness Fellow
Given the pervasiveness of exclusionary language, Eden argues that advocating against the use of exclusionary language is not to advocate for censorship, but rather to advocate for the active choice of using inclusive language.

The Harmful Invisibility of People with Albinism

By Carmella Munyuzangabo, Social Connectedness Fellow
Worldwide, people with albinism are ostracized and often have limited social and medical support. By creating dialogue and raising awareness on albinism, we can change the mainstream narrative that dehumanizes people with this condition.

How to NOT Lose the Human Touch

By Anica Lanzi, Social Connectedness Fellow
From artificial intelligence to the Drone Age, we need to consider ethics and rights when advancing technology.