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Our blog features contributions from partners in the movement for social connectedness as well as youth leaders committed to community building and international development.

Mobilizing Community Through the Power of Cycling

By Eric Lindsay, Social Connectedness Fellow

Cycling can come across as a solitary sport, however, it has the potential for community-building and fostering belonging. Learn more about organizations who are leveraging the power of cycling to increase access to public services, strengthen intergenerational relationships, and more!

World Refugee Day 2018: Protecting the Right to Seek Safety

This World Refugee Day we draw attention to the hundreds of thousands of people fleeing direct threats to their lives who may never be able to make a claim for protection. We also recognize the groundswell of ordinary citizens who are standing in solidarity with displaced people all around the world.

Connecting Climate Change and Social Exclusion at the Neighbourhood Level: The UESI as a Solution to Fight Back

By Valériane Buslot, Social Connectedness Fellow
On May 10th, SCSC partnered with Data Driven Yale and MTLGreen to explore how policy makers and citizens can use local data to act on climate change. Read the highlights and outcomes from the event!

Accessible City Design

By Eden Beschen, Social Connectedness Fellow
When ranking the liveability of cities worldwide, accessibility is usually not taken into consideration. Discover community initiatives that are taking matters into their own hands to make their cities more accessible.

Echo100Plus: Creating Community in the Midst of the Refugee Crisis

By Claire Chauvel, Social Connectedness Fellow
Echo’s mission is to support Greece and its response to the refugee crisis, acting as a local catalyst for acceptance. Learn more about their incredible work fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Connecting With Our First Family Art Exhibit

By Kim Boucher Morin
Learn more about and visit the Community Gallery at the AGO! Open until September 30th, 2018, immerse yourself in the incredible artwork that is supporting community development and strengthening Indigenous identity and culture.

Human Rights Watch Film Festival: Humanizing the Headlines

By Eloise O’Carroll, Social Connectedness Fellow
The HRW Film Festival brings to life human rights abuses through storytelling, giving a voice to the unheard while challenging audiences to empathize and demand justice for all people.

Climate Change: The Overlooked Factor in the Refugee Crisis

By Madeleine Andrew-Gee, Social Connectedness Fellow
With the number of refugees continuing to grow, learn more about the impacts climate change is having on displacement and why policy makers need to include this element when addressing the refugee crisis.

Designing with Community in Mind: Revitalization vs. Gentrification

By Emma Harries, Social Connectedness Fellow
Creating human-centered spaces is vital in an age where social isolation is prominent. Learn more about the difference between revitalization and gentrification and their impacts on curating a sense of community.