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Our blog features contributions from partners in the movement for social connectedness as well as youth leaders committed to community building and international development.

“Moise Tellier’s Apple and Cake Shop”: The Evolution of Queer Spaces in Montreal

By Noah Powers, Social Connectedness Fellow
From North America’s first queer space to a World Pride 2023 Candidate city, Montreal has a long and deep-rooted history with queer visibility and activism, catalyzed by queer community spaces.

Charlottesville, August 11-12: Healing and Moving Forward Through Remembering, Not Ignoring, a Past of Slavery and Racism

By Amy Luce, Social Connectedness Fellow
In remembrance of the Charlottesville riots 2 years ago, Amy reflects on why it’s important to acknowledge each of our own community’s history and actively work to right the wrongs.

A Tribute to Saoirse Kennedy-Hill

In this piece for Medium, Kim pays homage to this friend and teacher and reflects on the important impacts she made on the world. In speaking out about her personal struggles against depression and sexual assault, Saoirse was bearing a burden in order to help reduce shame and stigma for others. She revealed what is perhaps the most necessary and under-appreciated pathway to healing: Solidarity.

Queer Here, Queer There: The Podcast Making ‘Invisible History, Visible’

As part of his SCSC fellowship this summer, Noah Powers chose to produce a podcast titled ‘Queer Here, Queer There’ with the goal of making his research more accessible to the wider community.

Oral History Series: “What We Leave Behind”

This summer, SC Fellow Priya Nair is conducting an oral history series titled “What We Leave Behind”, which seeks to paint a picture of the lives that people had built before they were forced to flee their countries

Special Olympics’ Journey to Greater Inclusion (Easy-to-read)

By Quinn Barrie-Watts, Social Connectedness Fellow
Read the easy-to-read-format of SC Fellow Quinn’s article, which dives deeper into the impact of Special Olympics’ programs.

Special Olympics’ Journey to Greater Inclusion

By Quinn Barrie-Watts, Social Connectedness Fellow
Special Olympics has been serving people with intellectual disabilities since 1968. Quinn dives deeper into the impact of their programs and how greater inclusion can be fostered for people with profound/multiple disabilities.

Home is Where the Heart is: Highlighting HomeShare

By Mallory Lowes, Social Connectedness Fellow
How can intergenerational living promote social connectedness? Learn more through the example of HomeShare.

Beating the Heat: Save Lives by Being a Good Neighbour

By Claire Suh, Social Connectedness Fellow
As heat waves continue throughout the summer, we must consider our responsibility to help one another, especially those are who most vulnerable to the urban heat island effect.