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Our blog features contributions from partners in the movement for social connectedness as well as youth leaders committed to community building and international development.


In honour of Earth Day 2018, Amplifier has released an amazing new series of artworks, entitled #MyClimateHero, including a heroic illustration of our partner Dr. Angel Hsu! #MyClimateHero tells the story of modern climate leaders like Angel, building unprecedented cooperation, driving action, and creating space for those most impacted to share their knowledge and perspectives. 

Rising Tide: Surfacing POC Artists

By Ana Sofia Hibon, Social Connectedness Fellow
On April 9th the first edition of Rising Tide sought to empower the voices of emerging Toronto-based people of colour, artists. Learn more about this incredible evening focused on fostering inclusion and connectedness within the arts and across communities.

Life After the Honeymoon: Managing the Stress of Migration

By Emma Harries, Social Connectedness Fellow
Stress associated with migration has become a growing concern as more people around the world are on the move. Learn more about acculturation and how organizations are fostering a greater sense of connectedness for individuals in their new communities.

Ensuring the Right of Persons with Disabilities to Work in Romania

By Ilinca Gradea, Social Connectedness Fellow
Today, approximately 300,000 people living with a disability are unemployed in Romania. Learn more about the 2018 Disability Summit that highlighted inclusion & social connectedness as its core mission for this community.

Deeds, Not Words: Women’s Right to Vote in the UK

By Eloise O’Carroll, Social Connectedness Fellow
This February marked the 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act of 1918 in Great Britain and Ireland. Learn more about the journey of enfranchising women in the UK & how today, both men and women are still #pressingforprogress regarding gender parity.

From Integration to Inclusion: A Roundtable on Refugee Reception

Last week in Montreal, we brought together key organizations, stakeholders, and affected individuals to discuss refugee integration in Montreal and the important role of cities in building belonging for newcomers. Re-live this incredible event and add your name to the outcome statement!

De-Stigmatizing Career and Technical Education

By Jeremy Monk, Social Connectedness Fellow
In North America, career, vocational, and technical education have all become increasingly stigmatized and undervalued in recent decades. Learn more about the social divide this is causing and how nations around the globe have ended the stigma associated with these educational paths.

The Unifying Power of Sport

By Eden Beschen, Social Connectedness Fellow
Sports have the power to build connections on a local, national, and international level. In this reflection, Eden celebrates communities of sports fans and their ability to share a common love for a sport in ways that can transcend boundaries and common differences.

Inclusion and Solidarity in the Women’s Movement

By Celine Thomas, Jessica Farber & Kim Boucher Morin
On March 13th, The Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness and TakingITGlobal co-hosted an event in celebration of International Women’s Day, featuring a panel of four incredible women with unique backgrounds and perspectives.