Let’s Talk About the Positive Side of Social Media (5/23/2017) - While the risks of social media have been explored at length by experts and commentators, the extensive and supportive networks that these sites can create — especially for disenfranchised youth — are often overlooked. Find out more.
To Reach Peace, We Must Teach Peace (5/21/2017) - On the eve of important dialogue in Israel concerning prospects for peace in the Middle East, Kim Samuel's latest Huffington Post article addresses the essential role of education both in times of conflict and in times of peace.
Social Science 101: This is Your Brain on Social (5/17/2017) - Social connectedness has numerous benefits for individuals, communities and whole societies. But what physically happens in our brains when we socially engage with others? Find out here!
2016 Global Symposium Interview with Dr. Éliane Ubalijoro (5/15/2017) - Meet Dr. Éliane Ubalijoro, Professor of Practice at McGill University's Institute for the Study of International Development. Dr. Ubalijoro shared her thoughts on tackling social isolation during our 2016 Global Symposium.
Leadership is About Relationships (5/11/2017) - We were honoured to participate in this year’s Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Summit during the 2017 World Winter Games in Graz, Austria. This gathering of 44 youth leaders and their mentors represented the core of the social connectedness movement and the power of inclusion.
Combating Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism (5/9/2017) - This year, we have seen a rash of acts of Islamophobia and anti-Semitism across Canada and the United States. Learn about the kinds of organizations that are confronting this concerning trend and are leading the way in building connectedness and solidarity.

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Ongoing Dialogue

Through ongoing effort, events and dialogue, this network continues its commitment to further ‎understanding of social isolation, to gain insight, and to confirm actions required to support and achieve social connectedness as a key to individual and community well-being.