About Us

The Team


Kim Samuel

Founder & Fierce Believer in the Right to Belong

Kim Samuel is an educator, researcher, and advocate working to address challenges of social isolation around the world. As Founder, Kim ensures that SCSC’s mission and vision is being carried out through its programs, research and partnerships.


Celine Thomas

Strategic Initiatives Coordinator & Manager, Social Connectedness Fellowship Program

Celine contributes to the strategic growth of the organization and manages the Social Connectedness Fellowship Program. Celine is passionate about education equity and Indigenous youth empowerment. She graduated with a B.A. in International Development Studies from McGill University in 2017.


Priya Nair

Strategic Initiatives Coordinator & Coordinator, Common Threads Program

Priya leads the research and programming related to the Common Threads program. With an avid interest in narratives, conflicts, and representation, Priya is passionate about bridging social inequity and tackling social justice from an interdisciplinary lens. She graduated with a B.A. in History and Middle East Studies from McGill University in 2016.


Vino Landry

Global Symposium Program Coordinator

Vino oversaw the coordination of the 2019 Global Symposium. Vino holds a deep interest in the social and psychological effects of war and forced migration, specifically the impacts of intergenerational trauma in the Tamil Canadian community. In order to engage with these issues from a human rights perspective, she is currently pursuing her legal studies at McGill University.

This team operates in a spirit of empowerment and compassion.

Kim Samuel, Founder