Global Symposium

Global Symposium 2019

The Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness, in partnership with the Samuel Family Foundation, hosted the 2019 Global Symposium at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto from October 28, 2019 to October 30, 2019.

Social isolation is both a cause and consequence of pressing global issues: climate change, forced displacement and political polarization to name a few. Although these challenges affect us in different ways, every one of us is implicated. The solutions to tackling them will rest on our individual and collective ability to overcome this isolation, to recognize community as our most valuable asset in fostering resilience, and to re-envision the possibilities for belonging in an increasingly divided world.

That is why the theme for this year’s Symposium was:
“Reimagining Community in the 21st Century”

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Overview and Objectives

The 2019 Global Symposium on Reimagining Community in the 21st Century convened our core partners, as well as a dynamic group of activists and changemakers from Canada and across the globe. Together we explored how leading organizations and individuals can work to strengthen human connections and build the resilient communities of the future – ones in which we all belong.

We look forward to sharing key learnings and recommendations that diverse actors can take forward to tackle social isolation and build belonging.

Symposium Partners