As a global society, we find ourselves in an unprecedented time and collectively facing the upheaval of life amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries all across the globe are asking citizens to self-isolate and implementing ‘Shelter in Place’ orders.

The Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness is dedicated to building connectedness within and between communities and overcoming social isolation. At a time where we are being called to physically distance ourselves from one another, we must work together to ensure meaningful social connections and the ability of every person to exercise their basic human rights and lead a fulfilling life.

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Reimagine Policing to Build Belonging

In her latest article for Medium, Kim Samuel lays out a specific policy agenda for how to reform policing and corrections through the lens of Restorative Justice.

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A Virtual Welcome for Newcomers in Montreal

By Priya Nair | The elusive Montreal summer has finally arrived, and even though this year we must be more prudent in gatherings and outings amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the spirit of community in this city is as strong as ever.

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Choirs for Change

Choir, Connectedness, and COVID-19

By Sarah Roberts | It has been said that humans have been sharing songs and connecting with one another in choirs for as long as we have kept recorded history.

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Invisibility of an Ageing Incarcerated Population during COVID-19

By Mayumi Sato | 2020 has been touted as a year to build a new normal. A new normal to build a society without suppressing older people and their rights.

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Viruses don't discriminate, PEOPLE DO. Encourage testing, encourage prevention measure, encourage community awareness. #StigmaKills @kubatana @KamvuraTiny @aucland_yakami @DixonChibanda

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An isolated but not immune population. @mayumis_21 writes about how the concurrent timing of COVID-19 and resurging Black Lives Matter protests reveal the hidden vulnerability of older incarcerated communities of colour.

Governments fail to keep promises they make. Raja Almasabi, a Yemeni #disability rights defender urges the #UNSC on concrete steps to resolve this recurring problem.

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