Creating More Caring University Classrooms (8/3/2017) - In March 2017, Kim Samuel joined top thought leaders at a meeting convened by the Brookings Center for Universal Education to explore "meaningful education in times of uncertainty". In this outcome article, Kim draws on her experience teaching at McGill to make the case for why caring classroom principles must be applied at the post-secondary level.

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What Gardens Can Do for Social and Environmental Sustainability (9/18/2017) - By Anissia Klimova, Social Connectedness Fellow: Learn more about how gardening can foster connectedness within the communities we belong to and the spaces we inhabit.
The Population in Waiting (9/14/2017) - By Eden Beschen, Social Connectedness Fellow: Looking at the accessibility barriers individuals with disabilities still face in Canada. Learn more about how these are being tackled to create inclusive spaces.
Active Learning Classrooms: A Solution to Social Isolation in Higher Education (9/11/2017) - By Gal Kramer, Social Connectedness Fellow: Find out how universities are re-thinking their classroom spaces to better facilitate student learning and foster community.
This City is Rated G (9/7/2017) - By Karina Alibhai, Social Connectedness Fellow: As the population ages worldwide, large urban centres are working towards making cities age-friendly and suitable for all. Learn more about initiatives fostering inclusive spaces through community based approaches.
Reflecting on Mental Health Care in Uganda (9/1/2017) - By Fauziat Serunjogi, Social Connectedness Fellow: A number of barriers exist in the mental health care system of Uganda. Learn more about how this issue greatly impacts individuals in rural areas and what is being done to tackle the stigma they experience.

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Ongoing Dialogue

Through ongoing effort, events and dialogue, this network continues its commitment to further ‎understanding of social isolation, to gain insight, and to confirm actions required to support and achieve social connectedness as a key to individual and community well-being.