Making our Metrics Count (3/18/2018) - In her latest article, Kim Samuel highlights why the core metrics we track must encompass much more than economic growth. If we continue to prioritize production over purpose, commercial activity over connection, we lose sight of what really makes life worth living. If we value community, inclusion and social connectedness, for example, we need to develop indicators and policy drivers that reflect these values.

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Profile of an Inclusive Business Initiative: Premier Pas (3/16/2018) - By Claire Chauvel, Social Connectedness Fellow
Hear from two inspiring French graduate students, Lea Hardouin and Laure d’Harcourt, who are on a mission to encourage businesses to value and leverage all of society's talents, including individuals with disabilities. Together, they started Premier Pas.
The Widows of the Tutsi Genocide in Rwanda (3/14/2018) - By Ignace Nikwivuze, Social Connectedness Fellow

During the aftermath of the 1994 Tutsi Genocide in Rwanda, widows came together and formed AVEGA Agahozo. Learn more about the incredible work this organization is doing to combat social isolation and foster connectedness and community amongst a now aging population.

A Winter Village for Everyone (3/12/2018) - By Salima Punjani

Access to sports is instrumental in reducing social isolation among children over the cold winter months in Canada. Learn more about La Pente à Neige, a non-profit winter village accessible to everyone in Montreal, that is fostering connectedness and community out in the snow.

#PressingforProgress This International Women’s Day (3/8/2018) - Claire Chauvel, Social Connectedness Fellow

Today marks International Women's Day. 2017 was the year of voice, with the mobilization of many initiatives around gender equity. Now, in 2018, let’s continue to work together to advance women’s empowerment, push new boundaries, shatter glass ceilings, and #PressforProgress.

What Happened to Romania’s Disabled Orphans? (3/6/2018) - By Ilinca Gradea, Social Connectedness Fellow

As Romania continues to push forward during its transitory period, learn more about initiatives, such as Hopes and Homes Romania, that are tackling institutional care of children and putting connectedness and inclusion of children living with and without disabilities at the core of their work.

Effects of Technological Innovations on Social Interactions (3/2/2018) - By Kim Boucher Morin, Project Coordinator, TakingITGlobal

With a modern society driven by technological innovations, read more about how this 'new' world is impacting the way we interact with one another and foster a sense of connectedness.

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Ongoing Dialogue

Through ongoing effort, events and dialogue, this network continues its commitment to further ‎understanding of social isolation, to gain insight, and to confirm actions required to support and achieve social connectedness as a key to individual and community well-being.