We Shouldn’t Need to be “Successful” to Belong (9/26/2017) - Kim Samuel's latest Huffington Post article addresses the legacy of the refugee experience, arguing that newcomers and Dreamers and anyone who calls their adopted country “home” should not be made to feel that they must prove themselves above and beyond expectations for every other citizen.

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Going Digital: Who’s Getting Left Behind as Healthcare Innovates? (10/13/2017) - By Elena David, Social Connectedness Fellow 2017: Learn more about the rapid growth of "digital health" and the importance of inclusivity and accessibility within the healthcare field.
The Power of Youth: Emerging Leaders Inspire Sauvé Series Audience (10/10/2017) - On Oct 2nd, the Fall 2017 Sauvé Series continued with an event on how youth are leading social change in Canada in its 150th year and lessons for the future. Re-live this inspiring event!
Live from Lesbos: The Global Refugee Crisis in Focus (10/6/2017) - On September 28th, Human Rights Watch researchers Emina Ćerimović and Eva Cossé were live on Facebook from a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. Learn more about their visit and how social isolation is both a cause and consequence of the global refugee crisis.
Sauvé Series Event Covers the Media’s Power to Isolate and Connect (10/2/2017) - On Sept 25th, the Fall 2017 Sauvé Series continued with an event on how stories impact our ability to connect with others, and on how the media is informing, and misinforming, populations about shared challenges.
A Day to Celebrate the Value and Dignity of Older Persons (10/1/2017) - October 1st marks the International Day of Older Persons. As the world's population continues to age, we must take steps to combat age discrimination, fostering a greater sense of inclusion and connectedness for the older generations.

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Ongoing Dialogue

Through ongoing effort, events and dialogue, this network continues its commitment to further ‎understanding of social isolation, to gain insight, and to confirm actions required to support and achieve social connectedness as a key to individual and community well-being.