As a global society, we find ourselves in an unprecedented time and collectively facing the upheaval of life amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries all across the globe are asking citizens to self-isolate and implementing ‘Shelter in Place’ orders.

The Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness is dedicated to building connectedness within and between communities and overcoming social isolation. At a time where we are being called to physically distance ourselves from one another, we must work together to ensure meaningful social connections and the ability of every person to exercise their basic human rights and lead a fulfilling life.


Envisioning the Right to Belong: A Conversation

By Lorraine Coulter | On May 4, 2020, we convened a group of leaders from around the world to discuss a new and positive vision for human rights in the age of COVID-19: The Right to Belong.

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Meet the 2020 Social Connectedness Fellows

We are thrilled to announce the 2020 cohort of the Social Connectedness Fellowship. Learn more about the Fellows and their research projects.

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2020 Fellows

Voices from the Movement: Tim Shriver on COVID-19 and People with Intellectual Disabilities

By Tim Shriver | No one needs to tell people with intellectual disabilities about social isolation.

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Partner Spotlight: Lending Expertise in the Fight Against COVID-19

This article is part of a “Partner Spotlight” series where we will be sharing the innovative ways SCSC partners are responding and adapting in light of COVID-19.

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How Creativity and Art Support Social Connectedness in a Time of Physical Isolation

By Caroline Shriver | It seems that anyone who did not understand the true meaning of isolation or loneliness, has now received a crash course in its physical, emotional, and mental effects.

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How do we get through the day without the social connections we need to feel valued, seen and heard? And where do we find hope? Guest contributor Caroline Shriver explores why art and creativity may be the answer to these questions during #COVID19.

Communities and advocates are calling for governments to collect race-based data amid #COVID19. @Celinenthomas covers why this data is important:

In order to create more evidence-based and equitable policies to #COVID19, we need to collect race-based data. Learn more: #HealthCare4All