Creating More Caring University Classrooms (8/3/2017) - In March 2017, Kim Samuel joined top thought leaders at a meeting convened by the Brookings Center for Universal Education to explore "meaningful education in times of uncertainty". In this outcome article, Kim draws on her experience teaching at McGill to make the case for why caring classroom principles must be applied at the post-secondary level.

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How Krama Yoga Fosters Connectedness (8/21/2017) - By Kim Boucher Morin, Social Connectedness Fellow: Yoga is renowned for its holistic healing and spiritual benefits. Find out how a yoga studio in Cambodia is building connectedness and restoring community members' trust in one another.
Living Alone is Not Always Lonely: A Review of Going Solo (8/18/2017) - By Gal Kramer, Social Connectedness Fellow: In this review of Eric Klinenberg's latest book, Going Solo, learn more about the growing trend of single-person households in countries around the world and what it means for social connectedness.
Seeing Our Diversity Reflected in Media (8/16/2017) - By Ana Sofia Hibon, Social Connectedness Fellow: Historically, popular culture and mainstream media have isolated countless communities, especially in children's programming. Learn more about initiatives working towards fostering a greater representation of our diversity in media.
The Power of Theatre to Unite Local Communities (8/14/2017) - By Jedidah Nabwangu, Social Connectedness Fellow: Looking at how the power of theatre is being harnessed to promote social justice and community development. Learn more about local Canadian initiatives in Montreal & Ottawa using creativity to foster social connectedness.
Campus Disclosure Crucial in Combating Sexual Assault (8/11/2017) - As the U.S. Department of Education considers reform to the implementation of Title IX and the Clery Act, Carly Stern highlights the importance of transparency in sexual assault investigations on university campuses.

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Ongoing Dialogue

Through ongoing effort, events and dialogue, this network continues its commitment to further ‎understanding of social isolation, to gain insight, and to confirm actions required to support and achieve social connectedness as a key to individual and community well-being.