As a global society, we find ourselves in an unprecedented time and collectively facing the upheaval of life amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries all across the globe are asking citizens to self-isolate and implementing ‘Shelter in Place’ orders.

The Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness is dedicated to building connectedness within and between communities and overcoming social isolation. At a time where we are being called to physically distance ourselves from one another, we must work together to ensure meaningful social connections and the ability of every person to exercise their basic human rights and lead a fulfilling life.


Addressing a New COVID Risk: Over-Prescription in Long-Term Care Facilities

In a new article, Kim Samuel, along with Jane Buchanan, Acting Disability Rights Director at Human Rights Watch, describe the need for more humane, compassionate and effective ways to support elders.

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2021 Social Justice Calendar

By Mayumi Sato | Social Connectedness Fellow Mayumi created an alternative social justice calendar for 2021, featuring dates important to people around the world.

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Common threads

International Migrants Day

Every year, on December 18, we observe International Migrants Day. Today, we stand with migrants who have fled their homes in search of safety, security, opportunity and community.

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2020 Fellowship Reports

The final reports from the 2020 Fellowship are out! Learn about supporting Indigenous student success, how older people understand belonging, and more.

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content card recompressed – Fellowship reports are out

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A fantastic piece by @JaneMBuchanan and Canada Committee member Kim Samuel of @sconnectedness

Almost 100 years after the #CivilRights Movement, minorities - including people with disabilities – are still facing inequities in society. Easterseals CEO @angelafwilliams talks about coming together to ensure equal opportunity for all. #MLKDay

Getting some exercise is good for both our physical & mental health, so even though we are still on lockdown, make sure you're incorporating some movement on a daily basis.
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