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The Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness is dedicated to building social connectedness within and between communities to overcome social isolation. We strive to foster connectedness through research, programming, partnerships and advocacy, bringing together the contributions of diverse scholars, students, advocates, and people with lived experiences.

We invite you to join us in this movement of building a society where everyone is valued, seen, and heard, and where everyone is supported in realizing their inherent right to belong.

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Activist and Educator Kim Samuel Calls for End to Social Isolation; Puts Forward Global ‘Right to Belong’ in New Book

In her new book, On Belonging: Finding Connection in an Age of Isolation, Kim Samuel, Founder and Chief Belonging Officer at the Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness, takes aim at the growing crisis

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Turning Classrooms into Communities: Building Better Education Systems through Belonging

For the International Day of Education, SCSC’s Rebecca MacLeod shares 4 key takeaways on how to build education systems with belonging at the centre.

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Esther’s blog

Vulnerable Doesn’t Mean Less Than: Giving Vulnerable Populations the Same Human Standard

Social Connectedness Fellow Esther Kim explores how people referred to as ‘vulnerable’ are left out when it comes to social connectedness, and what can be done to build belonging.

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The Power of a Conversation in the Disability Community

How can we have better conversations within and outside of the disability community? Social Connectedness Fellow Diana Mairose explores this question.

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International Perspectives: Disabilities, Social Connectedness, and COVID-19

Social Connectedness Fellow Aida Mohajeri and Special Olympics Athlete Leader Margaret Turley look at how COVID-19 lockdowns affected the families of persons with disabilities.

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The COVID-19 Pandemic Put My Life in the Community at Risk & How I’m Fighting for My Rights

Social Connectedness Fellow Tony Phillips shares his experience accessing services as a person with a disability during COVID-19.

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