Building connectedness within and between communities

What is social connectedness?

Achieving social connectedness means working towards a society where everyone is valued, seen and heard; where everyone can exercise their basic human rights and live a rich and fulfilling life; where solidarity, trust and cooperation pave the way for inter and intra community bonds; where people can exercise their agency and have the opportunities to achieve substantive freedoms. In essence, it means building a society where everyone—no matter their age, race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, postal code or political party—has the opportunity to belong.

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News from the Movement

The latest news from SCSC, our partners and other organizations working to build connectedness.

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Human Rights Watch’s World Report 2020 and Disability Rights

Human Rights Watch has released their World Report 2020—an annual review of human rights around the globe.

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2019 Global Symposium

The Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness hosted the 2019 Global Symposium on “Reimagining Community in the 21st Century” in late October.

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Fellowship Program

The Social Connectedness Fellowship Program empowers students and recent graduates to carry out innovative research that will inspire local and global action to build community and belonging.

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Have you seen the work we've collaborated on with @hrw's Disability Rights Division over the last few years to document the impact of social isolation on people with disabilities? #Rights2020

HRW’s World Report documents disability rights conditions in 32 countries around the world. Learn about what’s happening in your country. #Rights2020 @hrw

Dr. Martin Luther King Junior led a revolution in values, placing reconciliation, redemption and community at the heart of social justice and equality. At SCSC, we are striving to live out and build MLK's vision for the 'Beloved Community.' #MLKDay