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A New 3 R’s for Back-to-School: Respect, Recognition and Reciprocity

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August 31, 2016

As the rush of back-to-school takes hold, we are pleased to share Kim Samuel’s article on the Huffington Post, “A New 3 R’s for Back-to-School: Respect, Recognition and Reciprocity”. It provides a timely reminder of the many ways in which social isolation can affect students at every stage of their education. 


Kim considers the impacts and also the strategies needed for students to address social isolation and be equipped to build connectedness for themselves and for their peers. 

In discussing practical examples of successful strategies, Kim concludes with the powerful message that “when we empower young people to address social isolation with respect, recognition and reciprocity in our schools, we are building a more connected and compassionate future beyond the classroom, too”.

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