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From Common Core to Common Care: Helping School Communities Thrive

September 12, 2016

We are happy to share Kim Samuel’s latest article on the Huffington Post “From Common Core to Common Care: Helping School Communities Thrive“.

In this article, Kim builds on her last post exploring how ‎negative school environments can be fertile ground for the social isolation of students, by considering the impact on teachers as well.

As she writes,“This problem doesn’t just afflict young people; it burdens teachers, too, risking a downward spiral of reciprocal suffering and neglect. But, by the same token, a safe, supportive, kind environment can spark a virtuous cycle, enabling teachers and students alike to perform at their best. If we want good people to go into teaching—and stay—then we need to provide a nurturing school climate, with a standard of care, compassion, and support that enables teachers and students to grow together.” 

By also pointing to practical examples, Kim provides helpful advice and encouragement to all of us in building communities of compassion within all levels of education.  For more articles by Kim Samuel, please visit: