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Global Symposium

Global Symposium 2022

The Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness, in partnership with the Samuel Family Foundation, is pleased to host the 2022 Global Symposium in Toronto, Canada from October 22 to 25, 2022.

Under the theme “Imagination & Action: Building Systems of Belonging”, the Global Symposium will bring together people from around the world to continue building the movement for a world where everyone has the right to belong.

Our previous three Global Symposia have convened a diverse group of activists, thinkers, advocates, teachers, and people with lived experience united in a common mission: overcoming the interwoven crises of inequality, loneliness, polarization, and environmental degradation. The gatherings have featured uniquely intersectional conversations and a keen focus on practical solutions, as well as a spirit of warmth, laughter, and rich connection. This year—as we imagine and chart new paths forward in the face of the ongoing pandemic and climate change—we’ll create the same camaraderie and ethos.

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