Hopes, Homes, Havens

Hopes, Homes, Havens: Stories of Seeking Asylum and Refuge

Realizing the right to asylum isn’t only about ensuring legal status and basic material conditions. It’s also about cultivating belonging — ensuring that people in search of safety have their voices heard and are respected and represented as part of the social fabric and civic life of the community and broader nation.

Hopes, Homes, Havens – an interactive map of newcomers’ journeys – was created to centre the voices and experiences of refugee claimants and people seeking asylum. 

Through audio and video stories, Hopes, Homes, Havens showcases people’s reflections about their hopes and dreams, why they left home, and the lives they left behind. The interactive map also features the work that local community groups and volunteers are doing, providing a glimpse of their motivations, and shows some of the havens that offer shelter en route as people make their way to a new home. 

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