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International Women’s Day 2017: Women Serve, Women Solve, Women Lead

Womens Day
March 8, 2017

International Women’s Day is always an important opportunity to recognize and champion the rights of women. This year, perhaps more than ever, the world needs the leadership of women in all sectors of society right now. Recalling the seminal works of Bell Hooks describing feminist activism as “… a wise and loving politics …”, we are pleased to share Kim Samuel’s newest article in the Huffington Post, “International Women’s Day 2017: Women Serve, Women Solve, Women Lead.

While the fight for equality and the empowerment of women remains a critical struggle across the globe, we also see incredibly inspiring examples of women’s leadership that spark optimism for the future. This leadership seeks to build bridges, make linkages and lift all members of the community. In short, this is the leadership of social connectedness, essential in our increasingly fragmented world. For more articles by Kim Samuel, please visit: