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Podcast: Dr. Sabina Alkire on Multidimensional Poverty in Rural China

Dr. Sabina Alkire
November 14, 2017

(Originally published in the McGill International Review)

In this podcast, the McGill International Review’s Anica Lanzi sits down with Dr. Sabina Alkire, Director of the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), to discuss Chinese government efforts to alleviate multidimensional poverty in its rural provinces. Last week, Dr. Alkire was a guest speaker at the Sauvé Series on Social Connectedness and International Development. In addition to heading the OPHI, Dr. Alkire pioneered with James Foster a new multidimensional poverty index that aggregates a “range of deprivations” to make more accurate cross-society comparisons. For more on Dr. Alkire’s research, please visit:

Interview by Anica Lanzi
Edited by Carlo Mole
Music: “Amira” by GlobalDub