Rising Voices Montreal Screening Event Recap

On January 30th, the Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness (SCSC) hosted a screening of the documentary, Rising Voices, together with TakingITGlobal at WeWork Place Ville Marie in Montreal. The film, which premiered in Toronto this past December at the TIFF Lightbox theatre, highlights the stories of diverse individuals, primarily youth, across Canada, and their hopes and dreams for their communities and the nation as a whole. Binding these stories together is the theme of resilience and determination to tackle problems through community initiatives or policy change. 

Following the screening, the audience had the opportunity to engage in discussion with Adrian Assoufi and Mike Lobel, co-directors of the documentary. Joining them on the panel were seventeen-year-old Wentaron Roundpoint and Emilie Nicolas (2017-2018 Jeanne Sauvé Fellow), both of whom were interviewed in the film. Several audience members shared their thoughts, expressing how the film offered a unique lens through which to see the interconnections between issues such as Indigenous rights, environmental sustainability, and racial justice.

“The very first step to understanding is listening,” Roundpoint shared, highlighting the importance of documentaries like Rising Voices in exposing the public to the often invisible challenges faced by marginalized groups. When asked how we can help youth transform ideas into action, Emilie responded that we need to let youth develop ideas without boundaries or barriers, which is often the case when they work within organizations or apply for funding.

To help youth transform ideas into action, TakingITGlobal recently launched #RisingYouth in partnership with the Canadian federal government, a micro-grant program for young Canadians to develop and implement an idea within their communities. Three levels of grants are available, ranging from $250 for small projects to $1,500 for larger-scale initiatives. 

SCSC will be hosting other events in Montreal this spring. Stay tuned to our website for updates and further information!