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The Fire This Time

Grenfell Tower
July 4, 2017

We are pleased to share Kim Samuel’s latest Huffington Post article,“The Fire This Time”. As investigators continue to comb through the ashes of the “black skeleton” that was once Grenfell Tower in London, public anger in support of the victims who perished in the inferno on June 14th grows ever louder. But amidst this push for reform of public policies affecting vulnerable communities, the real question, Kim argues, is whether we can reform ourselves, to inherently treat those with less as our equals.

As Kim writes, when she recently drove by Grenfell Tower, she could only imagine the terror that those inside must have felt that evening. She was also reminded of the pervasive problem of low-income individuals being shunted into architectural ghettos in cities around the world. Rather than building for belonging, she argues, too often neglected high-rises segregate the “haves” from “have nots” and undermine the social cohesion needed for societies to thrive. This is why Kim believes we have a duty to reach out to one another, and to see in every “other” ourselves.

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