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Truth and Reconciliation Declaration

June 2, 2015

We will: Learn and Remember by…

1) Listening with respect, compassion and empathy while reaching out to those who have given voice to the tragedy that was the Indian Residential School System experience, understand the cumulative impact of unresolved trauma passed from generation to generation as well as to remember the voices that were silenced; and

2) Engaging the philanthropic community in the dialogue necessary to ensure that we do this with, and not for, Aboriginal peoples in all their diversity. Understand and Acknowledge by…

3) Learning about the history and legacy of the colonial system that imposed the Indian Residential School System, that dispossessed and inflicted harm upon Aboriginal peoples and their cultures, so that we can understand how to work toward the reconciliation that is needed now and into the future; and

4) Recognizing the need for an ongoing commitment to support the continuation of this multi-generational journey of healing and reconciliation. Participate and Act by…

5) Sharing our networks, our voices, and our resources to include and benefit Aboriginal peoples;

6) Committing to building relationships with Aboriginal peoples, and extending the reach of our efforts in both policy and practice; and

7) Exploring new opportunities to support healing and reconciliation and the implementation of the spirit, intent and content of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s findings and recommendations.


The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has set a path that will determine what reconciliation could look like in Canada, as well as how it may be achieved. We are honoured to participate, encouraged by the work that has been done, and emboldened to ensure that Aboriginal peoples’ voices and needs remain an essential part of our work. We thank the Commissioners and the staff who have worked tirelessly to support the mandate of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and those who shared their stories, memories, and experiences.

We place our Declaration of Action herewith to symbolize that this is concrete and will continue. Our signatures are a call to action inviting others to join in moving forward in an atmosphere of understanding, dignity and respect towards the shared goal of reconciliation. Please see the links to follow for the .pdf version the text, the Summary of the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada as well as the hashtag #myreconciliationincludes to follow the conversation of commitments from Canadians as we move forward from this important and historic process.