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Why Spending More Time With Friends Should Be Your Top New Year’s Resolution

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December 8, 2022

Feeling lonely is more than just a bummer—researchers are increasingly sounding the alarm about its significant health ramifications.  | Chatelaine December 8, 2022

Our bodies send us signals when we’re thirsty or hungry, but not many of us realize that signals also exist when we’re in need of social interaction. That pang of loneliness that just hit you? It’s a sign from your body to spend some time with a friend.

Statistics Canada’s 2021 Canadian Social Survey found that one in 10 people aged 15 and up said they always or often felt lonely, with young women and people who live alone reporting the highest levels of loneliness: 29 percent and 24 percent, respectively. And a survey conducted by Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in January 2022 found that Canadians were lonelier at that point than at any other during the pandemic.