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Women Who Inspire Us

March 8, 2023

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate the difference women make every day around the world, the team at the Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness is sharing a list of some of the women who inspire us.  

CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE – author, activist 

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a Nigerian author and activist. We appreciate the feminist lens through which she writes her novels and essays, and love the way she tells such captivating stories. We find ourselves reaching for her books over and over again!

LEAH PENNIMAN – Food Justice Activist 

Leah Penniman inspires us because of her dedication to food sovereignty and justice. Her work has been integral to creating a space for people to connect to the land and reclaim their agency and knowledge in the food system, especially for BIPOC members of her community.

KIM WHEATLEY – Traditional Anishnaabe Grandmother  

Grandmother Kim opened an event hosted by the Books, Art, Music Collective (BAM) that the Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness team was fortunate to participate in. The event explored how we can bridge the gaps between newcomers and Indigenous peoples. Grandmother Kim opened the space in a beautiful way, calling on all of us to understand the lands we’re on, the importance of the language we use, the harms caused by colonialism and building bridges based on connections. She called us to sit with all our relatives and learn from all of creation – the sands, the waters, the earth, the grasses, the berries, the medicines, all the two & four legged ones, and with one another.  Hearing her speak was medicine and on International Women’s Day, she’s someone we could all learn from.

DEGAN ALI – Executive Director, Adeso Africa 

Degan Ali’s fearless confrontation of colonialism in international development and humanitarian aid systems inspires us to champion community-centred development.

SAMA’ ABDULHADI – Techno DJ and Producer 

Sama’ Abdulhadi is a Palestinian techno DJ and Producer. She seeks to put Palestine on the map through music and uses her platform to advocate for the rights of Palestinians, demonstrating how much of a connector (across intersections of race, culture, politics etc.) music can be. She also recently started an artistic community in Ramallah to help young aspiring DJs and Producers launch their careers by advising and giving them a platform to build their skills. We’re inspired by the way she gives back to her community and helps young people find purpose, connection and a sense of belonging through music.

NICE NAILANTEI LENG’ETE – girls’ and women’s rights advocate 

The patience, persistence and passion that Nice Nailantei Leng’ete brings to the work of ending harmful practices (such as child marriage and female genital mutilation/cutting) inspire us. She teaches us that lasting change happens when the whole community is part of it – women, girls, boys, men, elders – and, to never give up.