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Kim Samuel and Fulbright Canada’s discussion on The Right to Belong

December 9, 2020

COVID-19 has exposed many gaps in our systems – from increased food insecurity to housing evictions to improper treatment of older people in care homes. While it is easy to hope for things to go back to normal, we must stop and think about how the prevailing status quo will continue to exacerbate deepened inequalities and social isolation. What can we do to address the gaps revealed by COVID-19? How can we move forward together and build collective resilience?

On December 10, Human Rights Day, SCSC Founder and Chief Belonging Officer, Kim Samuel, gave a talk on The Right to Belong: A New Framework for Addressing Equality, Inclusion and Sustainability in the Age of COVID. As part of Fulbright Canada’s 30th Anniversary Speaker Series, Kim explored the importance of social connectedness and the harmful impacts of isolation as she passionately spoke about a new framework for re-aligning how we think of equality in the time of COVID-19.